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Powerflushing in Norfolk

It may be time for a power flush if your central heating isn't performing as well as it once did. It is critical to clean your central heating system every 5-10 years. Over time, sludge will accumulate in your radiators, reducing the efficiency of your heating system. Give us a call at 07830 829741 or fill out our contact form to obtain a quotation right away.

What is a power flush, exactly, and how does it work? 

A power flush is a simple and effective technique to keep your central heating system in good working order and running as efficiently as when it was first installed. Over time, debris, rust, black water, and other pollutants build up inside your system's pipes, making it work harder than it should. 

That's why a power flush uses a high-velocity jet of water (together with cleaning chemicals) to wash the junk out of your central heating system. A power flush can help your heating system last longer, so contact us right now to schedule your power flush in Norwich or across Norfolk!

Symptoms that indicate you should get a Power Flush

Here are several symptoms that your central heating system needs to be power flushed by a professional: 

  • Strange noises are coming from your boiler (banging, gurgling, kettling) 
  • Your boiler turns off before heating your water or your home. 
  • Even after bleeding your radiator, cold patches persist (a sign that build up is stopping the circulation) 
  • Copper pipes can be magnetised (a sign that rust has built up internally) 

Have any of the above warning signs appeared on your central heating system? If this is the case, please contact one of our heating engineers using the button below.

Do you require a power flush in Norwich? 

The most effective strategy to keep your central heating system functioning as efficiently as possible for as long as possible is to do a power flush. Powerflushing is something we do all throughout Norfolk. 

Call to chat with one of our heating specialists. You can also contact us through our website's contact form. We hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

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